Friday, August 13, 2010


There are directors who claim they prefer not to rehearse their actors.  They are liars.  Rehearsal happens, people.  The question is, do you prefer to rehearse in front of the crew on set or in prep? Obviously, you'll get a better end product for less time and money if you rehearse during prep.  Of course you know that and it makes perfect sense.  The only reason you wouldn't rehearse before coming to the set, which is dressed and lit or waiting for you to finish turning a blocking rehearsal into a full on rehearsal, with an entire crew standing by, is because someone somewhere put it in your head that you shouldn't or wouldn't need to rehearse with actors.  It's a lie. Rehearse during prep. Create your shot list and schedule, during prep. Do everything you can- during prep! As Keith says, " Fix it in Pre" !

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