Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MetaHara Website!!!

Hi, please go to the MetaHara website to see some of the productions we've been working on!



Saturday, June 7, 2014

ODD BRODSKY at the Chinese Theaters in Hollywood, 7:15PM tonight!

Park in the public garage on the corner of Highland and Yucca, bring your ticket and remember to get 4 hour validation from the theater. The theater is on the 3rd floor. See you there! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

iFace ad: MetaHara provides production services for GDW

We had a lovely time on our shoot this month for the iFace product. GDW is a production co. out of Korea. Thomai stepped up and produced, bringing in cast, crew, equipment and finding the perfect location. The client was happy and the managing director, Cat Kim, expressed gratitude for "the best production experience we've had so far". Several people commented on how fun the shoot was and how kind the cast and crew were. I'd say we lived up to the name MetaHara which means "with joy" in Greek.

Here's is a photo from the location:
Stay tuned for a link to the ad!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Most Creative Music Videos of March 2014

A music video / short film that I had the pleasure of co-producing, is getting a lot of good press:

Dum Dum Girls have shared an 11-minute short film called Are You Okay, featuring the track "Are You Okay?" from their most recent album Too True. The story was written by American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, directed by Brewer, and produced by Braxton Pope (withNoisey and MOCAtv). Tamaryn served as creative director and composed the soundtrack alongside Coil's Drew McDowall. 
The psychological thriller stars Dum Dum Girls frontwoman Dee Dee, Shiloh Fernandez (The EastRed Riding Hood), and Sophia Marzocchi. Watch it below via Noisey.
Dum Dum Girls have also added more tour dates. Check them out below.
Read our recent 5-10-15-20 interview with Dee Dee here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


TWO films I produced are in FILM FESTIVALS on Oct. 4th!!


Mill Valley Film Festival


Here's a review of ODD BRODSKY
and another review:



New York Film Festival

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Director: Duo Phoenix Glory, Aerial Art video

Featuring Single Point Trapeze performance by
Duo Phoenix
to a remixed version of Glory Box by Portishead

Duo Phoenix Glory from Thomai Hatsios on Vimeo.


I Directed this Music Video for the song
All Of The Above
featuring the aerial work of 

Producer: Reasons Be - Say Goodnight (Official Music Video)

I had the great pleasure of producing this Music Video

Reasons Be, "Say Goodnight"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thomai Hatsios is a director and producer of films, documentaries and commercials. She founded an avant-garde theater company at age 16 in her native Detroit, which toured major cities across the U.S.,  Canada and Europe. Over the years she has managed to accumulate experience from virtually all aspects of film and television production and post-production. Her deepest passion lies in independent narrative story-telling with an emphasis on women’s rights and human issues.

Producer: ODD BRODSKY (Sneak Peak!)

I adored producing this quirky, comedy, feature film


and the trailer:

Monday, September 10, 2012


Played at the Rita Hatworth Theater as part of the Downtown Film Festival! 

GASP, short film from Thomai Hatsios on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes #HashtagIntervention

~ Just a little comedy skit I made with some good friends~ the BREAKING CURFEW comedy writer/actor group and FEET FIRST FILMS on camera, lights and sound. Click below to see the time lapse behind the scenes video:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Producer: Irina Shapiro, Behind The Scenes, Something About You

MetaHara produced a music video for Russian singer, Irina

Here's a little behind the scenes video of the dance rehearsal:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Director: Music Video, Nothing In Your Pocket

On the set of Nothing In Your Pocket, Music Video

Thomai in L.A.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Thomai has worked with networks CBS, ABC and NBC, Moving Parts, companies including  Lions Gate & MTV,   agencies such as Ogilvy and Mathers. Her commercial clients range from small business owners to JVC and AM/PM. She has produced and directed several projects with budgets ranging from $3,500 to $1.5M.  Thomai has worked directly with A-list talent: James Cromwell, Neil Patrick Harris, Aretha Franklin, Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva, to name a few. Her production company, MetaHara Productions, continues to grow with a feature length film ODD BRODSKY in post, several promo and commercial projects under it’s belt, an award winning short film, and 2 feature length films in development.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Thomai's experience in development, her experience as a writer and director allow her to provide the creative team with the support needed to achieve the best possible product.  Her skills developing,  breaking down scripts, creating schedules and budgets combine with her creative insight, intuition and passion to help bring any collaborative project she's  involved in to fruition. 
Thomai Hatsios is an award-winning director and veteran of film and video production. Her experience directing theater, painting, creating conceptual and installation art, and working in all aspects of film production combine to inform her unique voice. Thomai’s characters are uncommon expressions of femininity and are unusually flawed, surprising the audience with their complexity. Her unorthodox esthetic choices serve to sublimely yet forcefully inform plot and to draw the unsuspecting viewer more deeply into the world she is rendering. Audiences find themselves relating to and caring for characters that they previously wouldn't have believed could exist. Thomai has also directed numerous music videos and documented previously unexplored subjects from her truly inimitable perspective. 

At age 16, Thomai moved from the suburban metro area back to the city she was born in, Detroit, to found her own Avant Garde theater company.  Thomai was thrust into the limelight of Detroit's arts and entertainment establishment.  Her troupe of actors and performers would eventually become the multimedia performance tour de force, Metahara Presents. Early in the evolution of her production company, Thomai  wrote, directed and performed in shows at some of the finest performance venues in Detroit, Chicago, New York City and Toronto.

In 1991 Thomai moved her base of operations to New Orleans, La.   Highlights of her tenure in New Orleans include a live performance that consisted of a cast of 45 that was presented on 3 city blocks in collaboration with NOMA (New Orleans Museum Of Art), multiple performances and installations at the CAC (Contemporary Art Center) a tour of Europe and her trip to Morocco where she co-produced and directed a documentary about Ghnawa musicians which premiered in Peter Gabriel's Real World Music World Tour.   By 1994 Thomai's work, already multi-media, had become more filmic.

Fueled by the desire to learn every aspect of film production, Thomai relocated with her son to Los Angeles.  In 1998 she bought her first digital camera and immediately began creating dance films, experimental films and documentary.  After learning to edit her projects in FCP, she became a freelance editor, called on by several boutique promo and instructional video companies.   Thomai moved to on set production working as a PA, Grip, Camera Operator, AD and PM; eventually stepping into her bliss as Director and Producer. She has produced and directed several projects with budgets ranging from $3,500 to $1.5M.   In addition to running her production company, MetaHara, Thomai is currently an enthusiastic member of the development team at AMI, with Mark R. Harris.  Thomai's creative process includes collage (published in 37Days, Skirt Press), painting,  writing poetry, prose and creative essays (The Next Thing, published in What I Wish For You, Skirt Press).  

Production List:

Producer: There Will Be________

MetaHara and A Tribe Studio Produced THERE WILL BE________
Conceptual Artist / Writer / Director Kerry Tribe used lines from 50 feature length films previously shot at the GREYSTONE MANSION to tell the story of the 1st  unsolved suicide murder that took place at the mansion, in 1929.  Produced by Thomai Hatsios