Sunday, June 20, 2010

Writing tools

My writing partner is in Switzerland- thank goodness for Google Docs!
We are writing together, during what is morning for me,  night for her. I see her typing into the spreadsheets I've created for us to brainstorm and develop characters, sets, relationships, etc.
Occasionally one of us types, "Wheee!" or "Yes, I see it!!".  Naturally, we are excited to be working together regardless of geographic distance.

The spreadsheets will help fill out the story. What happens varies, based on the character info that we've input.  When it's ready to go into pre production we'll share these spreadsheets with the creative keys.
And to think we were both once technophobes (in the 80's).
It's amazing how far we've come as creatives, utilizing technology to get a simple story told to a wide audience!

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