Monday, April 6, 2009

Fight scene

Usually a fight scene is choreographed by a stunt choreographer. There is often a stunt coordinator who acts as a director of the fight scenes when the stunt women and men are fighting. Especially when they are fighting with an actor. The fight scene in our film will not have stunt people. It wouldn't have stunt people if we had a bigger budget either, it's not that type of scene. However, if we had a bigger budget I might have had a stunt choreographer helping choreograph and give notes about shooting the scene. Lack of funding makes us all resourceful though doesn't it? The other day, one of the actors and I choreographed the scene. It was actually pretty easy. As high energy as that actor is, he focuses extremely well. What I find with people who others might call "hyper" (I see high energy) is that they can be super open and they can "hyper focus" simultaneously. The ability to hyper focus and channel are incredible gifts for an actor to have.

Did I mention how blessed this project is?

The fight scene has been choreographed by the male actor and I (I have a couple tiny bruises to prove it). The actors are being rehearsed separately. Next week the 2 actors who have a familial bond in the film will meet and bond.

It's super blessed.

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