Thursday, April 9, 2009

Characters develop

Turns out I am not that different from a male screenplay writer. I write from my genders perspective. My stories are female character driven. My female characters are not the type that build their lives around men or are overly dependent on men. The male characters in all of my scripts are currently not very well developed. They are the boyfriend who she makes out with in one scene then sends off (in one of the features) the predator who lures her in and attacks (in yet another script), the supportive friend who has 2 or 3 lines, etc. They are minor players: the boyfriend, the menace. They often don't even get a name. Just like many male screenplay writers write women. I can't tell you how many scripts I've read with a character like, "buxom woman" or "Leggy Lady". Interesting, huh?

Last night the actor who is playing one of the male characters, formerly known as the Driver, came by to rehearse.We developed his character (he has a name now) and added some dialogue.

I've learned and grown from this experience and I wish the same for other screenplay writers.

NOTE to all actors and actresses- You have an opportunity to help develop your character when you are working with the director. Go for it- with respect. Your character is not the only character, maybe not the lead, so be realistic, but, go for it. The film benefits.

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