Thursday, February 5, 2009

Could this be the cause of Road Rage in L.A.?

103.1 is no longer on the radio. We can only access it through the internet.
I can't tell you how many times I was lifted by the DJs choices on that station.
Jone's Jukebox, Darren Ravel (who is from Detroit and it shows) Joe Escalante, the morning news program...Driving on my way to or from set or office and suddenly Iggy Pop is screaming through my speakers, Loved loved loved that. Miss it. Driving in L.A. without 103.1 sucks.

I was missing it hardcore yesterday, while driving in typical L.A. traffic, one hand on the radio seeker button, seeking seeking seeking gimme one damn song I can really enjoy! seeking seeking seeking 93.1/Jack is so almost it's actually worse than the stations that are pure crap. Serious crap, like the old school R&B that plays the same fricken 5 songs!!!!! There are decades of R&B songs to choose from and we are reduced to "Burn Rubber On Me", several times a day for years and "Fool" by Stephanie Mills. Those are good songs, but c'mon- every. day. !?


fork-journal said...

JGeils I could have gone me life without hearing that name again LOL

Tinseltown Tease said...

yeah, i'm bummed about 103.1 also! so sad. i loved their old morning show...