Monday, February 16, 2009


Most of the work on my resume is not on IMDB.
The pilots for Lionsgate, Nickelodean, Fox, the Web series for ABC, the Commercials, Promo's, Industrials, the 2 Documentaries...
One of my IMDB credits is incorrect- I worked higher up than mentioned.
A producers assistant was credited as the UPM- not.
Everyone knows that IMDB is not the end all be all, yet, it's where people go to see what you've worked on.
There is also the notion that people are too stupid to know how to adjust between the various mediums- that is bunk. TV, Commercials, Film, they are all so similar that anyone with an IQ above moron should be able to adjust fairly quickly and without harming the production. I used to think I could because I am flexible and have such a varied background- but, no you'd have to be an idiot not to adjust.

I got most of my work through word of mouth from people I worked with informing people they knew about me as a crew member. I also worked my way up to directing from editing with one co. To get to the next level or leap ahead a few levels and take some of my fave crew and talent with me- I may work it a different way.
In the past, I did not network at all. In the past, I did not join film groups, forums, etc. Now, I'm looking for worthwhile networking events. Especially those supportive of women.

I may also want to strictly work on Film and TV for awhile.

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