Thursday, December 3, 2009

I had the great pleasure of working on this series of hilarious webisodes, check it out:

It was a union job, so I had the title production supervisor instead of production manager. In addition to vendor and crew negotiations, permits & the usual PM responsibilities, I also learned to do Payroll on that job. Because the show was part of ABC/Disney studio's Stage 9 experiment, we went through EP payroll. We also had a lot of freebies that would have eaten up the budget. Our offices, a lot of G&E equip. and many key locations were free. The 4 men known as "Handsome Donkey" had a 3 yr deal with ABC, due to high accolades from their first web series, "Squeegees". If you go to their site, check it out, check out Decisions, Decisions (especially the Bourne Decision) and my fave that was made before those previously listed: "Le Montage"

They are funny gentlemen and were a pleasure to work with.

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