Saturday, October 3, 2009


The film is being scored as I type! A wonderfully gifted and skilled composer by the name of Myra Moreta is in Vancouver working on it!!! Score!!!!
Follow that link and check out her amazing music. I've been listening to it over and over again...Love her music, style and her sense of humor!!!

It took a long while finding the right composer.
Several options were made available to the film. All of them were amazing and worthy; truly gifted, and skilled composers came forth. I hemmed and hawed (sp?) not feeling quite right, felt was getting me down.
Roger (indie hero) came through, once again, suggesting the perfect person for the score, as he did when he suggested Danny to play Gary . I listened to her music and just felt everything come into alignment, the way it feels when getting perfect alignment with a Yoga pose- it just feels right, you just know. I'm playing her music from the website right now as a matter of fact.

she has a quicktime and she is composing and I am in heaven ~woohoo!

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fork-journal said...

jumpin up and down really because I know that feeling of finding it just so and I am such a big smile in your ease and witness to the work gone into it - just proud and ohhhhh can't wait - love