Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love ACTORS!!!

I'm considering 2 different actresses for the part of Hope in the short film I wrote and am directing. One of the actresses just got the script yesterday and seems to "get it". She has very little experience acting, so it's a matter of her ability to be directed and how she shows up on camera. The other is SAG, I have seen her on TV (she had one line in a show I watch), which is what inspired me to ask her to try out for the part of Hope.

I'll give the younger, less experienced actress a few days to rehearse it, then direct her through an audition. If she needs more work, a mutual friend (her godmother) is going to coach her (she is an acting coach) and we'll audition her again. She really has the look I want, she has something energetically that Hope has and she looks like she could be the young mother of the daughter I've chosen for the film.

I cast the male characters. One is pretty simple, just a few lines. The other is going to be a stretch. I saw the actor at a showcase though and just know he can do it. He doesn't realize what a great, naturally talented and skilled actor he is. Looking forward to having him become a character that is so very, very, very different than who he is.

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Anonymous said...

Casting! I love it. Glad it's going well. :)