Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love it all

Holding the slate in one hand and folding the call sheet in the other for pocketing, my phone is on my shoulder as the caterer-the one I negotiated a good deal with (PM)
tells me lunch is on route (Coordinator), I tell the P.A.s to lock it up over the walkie (1st AD), "ready sound, sound speeds- Roll Camera, Take 1Apple, slap (2nd AC) and wait to announce 'cut' and goin again, etc...."
Wearing several hats,
that's what I love about low and micro budget. It's like dancing with a dance troupe.

Then there is what I love about a project that is well funded.
Having one job, being able to focus solely on that one job, knowing everyone else get's to do the same...honing specific skills, it's like a good, long term relationship.


Fork said...

"it's like a good, long term relationship." you will be quoted often -

Anonymous said...

Being able to go with the flow is a great asset. I'm eager to read more as you share this world with us.